Steam Pro (SP-CRU)

Steam Pro (SP-CRU)

If you are looking to improve your steam system efficiencies and reduce your energy bill, flash steam recovery is the answer for you. With today’s energy pricing and the need to reduce emissions, a plant’s steam/condensate to be recovered by a gravity (0 psig) condensate system. A typical steam system will incorporate a condensate receiver that allow the flash steam to vent to the atmosphere.

What does SP-CRU do?

SP-CRU system is a closed vessel system and collect condensate from main condensate line and pump much higher condensate temperature back to the boiler directly so that the boilers do not have to work as hard, thus saving fuel. For complete and maximum steam energy conservation, Stream pro manufactures and provides high pressure condensate recovery unit (SP-CRU). Steam Pro recovery system recovers condensate at a much high temperature condensate than the usual pump in the market.

The SP-CRU system recovers flash steam that was normally discharged to the atmosphere and not returned to the boiler. The flash steam recovery can be used to your advantage and results in energy or fuel saving.

Along with energy conservation, the SP-CRU includes the following advantages:

  1. Recovers condensate at elevated temperatures directly to the boiler, saving energy & improved efficiency with reduced power consumption.
  2. Reduction of the volume of make-up water and water treatment chemicals are an obvious saving
  3. Increase in boiler feed water quality leads to an increase in steam quality that in turn reduces the required blow down volume thus further increasing the energy savings.
  4. Increased water temperature decreases the Oxygen content of the steam; this reduces corrosion to the piping and equipment that reduces down time repair and maintenance.
  5. Easy construction and installation with minimum space required.
  6. The system is designed to withstand high temperatures and pressure while also maintaining an efficient continuous discharge pressure.
  7. To discharge remaining flash steam can be recovered to pre-heat boiler make-up water.
  8. Green environment! Reduced or eliminate flash steam release to the atmosphere.


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