Safety Policy


At Logthai-Hai Leck Engineering Co., Ltd. We are strongly committed to developing, Quality Safety Health and Environment performance though our employees. We recognize that we have a signification responsibility to our employees, clients and in result of our activities.

All managements levels shall obviously uphold these principle for continually developing, improving and maintaining our SSHE management system to ensure that our compliance meet with these principles.

  1. We present quality safety health and the environment as first priority in project operation of the company
  2. All products and services of the company must be according to the provision, response customer needs to meet their highest satisfaction
  3. We strongly believe that with safety consciousness all accidents, injuries and occupational disease can be free and prevented in our workplaces.
  4. We will encourage to provide other quality and safe activity to arouse conscious mind of officers such as training, persuade, public relations and competition about
  5. We are committed to complying with all relevant SHE legislation, regulations and requirements as well as to comply with client requirement all work sites.
  6. All employees levels shall recognize in yourselves and your colleague’s SSHE including the company’s properties during Especially working at height and working with hazard chemicals.
  7. All employees levels must be monitoring and ensure that not have person to create a situation not normally which there will effect to employees, property and secret information and reputation of the company.
  8. All management level shall employees have to be the good example and to be leader of work instruction to all of employees by safe working.
  9. The company provide to performance appraisal follow as the policy which assigned at the beginning in regularly.
  10. The company is committed to preventing pollution and causing major environmental concern. Especially using the energy, resource and waste management control in all activities of the company.

The announcement is given on January 9th, 2017
Mr. Anon Witwarakul
Managing Director
Logthai - Hai Leck Engineering Co., Ltd.