Logthai-Haileck engineering Co., Ltd. Was established in May 18th, 1994 in order to operate the core business term of resident maintenance contacts, turnaround and new construction project which has been lad to Scaffolding and Painting for majority of factories in Map ta Phut industrial Estate. Since 2009 the company has been starting new serviced which is hot and cold Insulation and Fireproof.

The business core in a currently year by Logthai-Haileck has operated in two terms as following by

1. Scaffolding serviced which is British standard, Hot and Cold Insulation and Fireproof by professional team, who has been monitored the huge projects whit the long term experience workers who have through a training course by the company’s standard.

2. Steam trap trader service, which is Steam pro’s brand, as this is the main concept of ‘Energy saving’ for a majority of factories