Steam Pro (SP-CRD)

Steam Pro (SP-CRD)

In manufacturing and business today, having a good and efficient steam system is no longer a luxury, but is a necessity. Many organizations are interested in investing millions in their large scale steam operations. However, little consideration is given to attend to the health of the system that could sometimes be considered as ‘total’. Steam pro provides a compelling engineering technology solution that could overcome and stop steam losses on a permanent basis

  • A very special device made entirely of stainless steel. The critical internal components are wholly manufactured in U.S.A. machined by CNC shop to the best possible quality and undergoes stringent quality control. All units are 100% hydrostatic pressure tested with plain tap water of 5 times its full-rated steam pressure for a minimum of 1-minute.

The CRD has been specifically and uniquely designed to achieve the following:

  • Tuned to system load characteristics
  • Ensure optimum and consistent process temperature
  • To stabilize inconsistent steam temperatures
  • Reduce and recover steam losses
  • Never fails to open & close
  • Works non-stop
  • High durability
  • World’s only on-pipe-line real time inspection, repair and installation without having to shutdown

The end results

  • Efficient energy utilization-reduce fuel costs
  • Higher productivity-improve profits
  • Higher quality manufactured products
  • Reduction in maintenance cost
  • Safer work environment
  • Reduce global warming effect-A responsible corporate citizen

Why Steam pro condensate removal device (SP-CRD) works better than conventional steam traps, any other orifice and its competitors

SP(CRD) Steam trap
24/7 continuous discharging Intermittent
Very minimal  Backup Condensate Designed  Led to Backup Condensate
Live Inspection & Testing Very Difficult To Diagnose and Rectify Problems
Rarely Required Maintenance Expensive Repair Kits or Replacement, Timely Install
100% Stainless Steel. Exceed 20 years useful life Cast Iron
No Moving Parts = Reliability Moving Parts = Failure
Total professional service Few
Optimal & Consistent process   temperatures for improved product quality and reduce rejects Few
Money-Back Guarantee with no hidden clauses Few
Permanent steam/energy saving up to 30% depending on condition Few

SP-CRD Product Rang

Type ½ “ ¾” 1” 1 ¼” 2”
Threaded / Socket Weld (below 40 bars)
Threaded / Socket Weld (40 – 100 bars)
Flanged (below 40 bars)
Flanged (40 – 100 bars)